Adventech, LLC Releases More Remarkable Maxeff Motor Testing Results

FLORENCE, Ala., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shoals-based industrial technology solutions provider, Adventech, LLC, today announced the positive results of independent verification…

FLORENCE, Ala., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shoals-based industrial technology solutions provider, Adventech, LLC, today announced the positive results of independent verification testing of the company’s Maxeff Induction Motor Generator.

Adventech CEO Ron Ballman is excited to to announce more market leading efficiency data.

Claims of the motor’s performance and efficiency had proven controversial among engineering and industrial circles. Industry professionals had expressed doubts regarding the motor’s performance claims that it was as much as 30% more efficient than traditional industrial-grade electric motors without sacrificing necessary torque.

The published verification data was the result of June 2021 testing conducted by NVLAP-accredited, independent testing team MDS. The report is available in its entirety at

«Again, Adventech provides proof of performance, silencing skeptics» said Adventech CEO Ron Ballman. «Adventech is a proven efficiency market leader with over 3500 motors globally in service, real validation comes from the results our customers experience.»

Ballman reflected on the long-term impact of the Maxeff motor’s performance. «At Adventech, it is our passion and core belief that now is the time to actually address carbon emissions and grid dependency. Over 50% of global electric power is consumed by electric drive motors. With a power factor of 0.99, efficiencies of 94%+ and remarkably high levels of torque without sacrificing efficiency, Adventech resolves issues that no other induction drive motor can address.»

Customer-submitted performance data and reviews are available at

Induction Drive motors in the industrial market sector alone account for as much as 25% of global electric power consumption. Acknowledging that elimination of electrical waste and improved efficiency has a global valuation of billions of dollars, it is the reduction in grid dependency that has Adventech most excited.

Ballman concluded, «Adventech is providing real solutions to carbon emission issues. While there are many competitive products that claim to address grid dependency concerns, Adventech delivers real measurable solutions.»

Adventech, Inc is a technology-driven developer of the Maxeff Electric Motor Generator (Patent# 10,903,770, 11,018, 612) and is committed to developing innovative, efficient technologies and devices for 21st century industry. For more information about Adventech, LLC and the Maxeff motor generator, contact Kasidhe Pruet at 256.712.5783 or by email at 


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