AEPN Takes a Stand for ‘Our Districts, Our Alabama’

MONTGOMERY, Ala., July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Alabama Election Protection Network (AEPN) is proud to announce the launch of…

MONTGOMERY, Ala., July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Alabama Election Protection Network (AEPN) is proud to announce the launch of its ‘Our Districts, Our Alabama’ campaign for fair districting. The campaign will work to establish fair representation for all Alabamians through direct public education, engagement with state legislators, and sustained work with AEPN’s grassroots partners.

The 2020 census gives every state the opportunity to redraw its district lines to reflect changes in its population. In Alabama, it is an opportunity to undo the harm caused by particularly partisan legislative maps. For example, the heavily gerrymandered 7th congressional district where parts of Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa are represented in a single district. As AEPN partner Rodreshia Russaw explains, gerrymandered districts minimize every voter’s voice in the state.

«By concentrating so many urban cities into one district, we dilute the impact of each vote cast within those communities,» she observes. «At the same time, voters in the districts that surround District 7 (Birmingham, Montgomery and Mobile) are denied full representation as well. Breaking up communities of interest reduces the ability of voters to make their distinct concerns known and supported. We all have a stake in fair districting.»

Our Districts, Our Alabama addresses those issues through a comprehensive public-information campaign, joining with organizations and individuals within their communities to draft fair maps, and communicating with legislators and the Reapportionment Committee. Through these methods, AEPN will work to ensure that the interest of all Alabamians is known and heeded. These efforts will be augmented by AEPN’s work with grassroots organizations and faith-based groups, both directly and through the distribution of its Fair Districting Toolkit.

«Alabamians care deeply about the places we call home and are passionate about the things that mean the most to us: our families, our communities, and access to resources that allow all of us to thrive,» says Justin Vest of Hometown Organizing Project, a founding AEPN partner. «Fair districting means we can build inclusive and sustainable communities that meet everyday people’s needs, no matter who you vote for.»

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